Laserlight by Blaze

After a very successful trial run, London based company BLAZE rolls out its signature Laserlight across all London ‘Borris’ bikes.

Combining a high-powered LED light with a green laser that projects a bicycle symbol 6 meters in front of the cyclist, the Laserlight is perhaps the safest bicycle light out there.The laserlight effectively projects a green bicycle symbol into the road ahead drawing attention to the cyclist who might otherwise be obscured from vision.

You can find more about the award winning laserlight and other BLAZE products such as the Burner at their website.






Sky Pool | 10 story high, glass-bottomed swimming!


“My vision for the sky pool stemmed from a desire to push the boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering,” Ballymore Group chairman and CEO, Sean Mulryan.

Okay, for you triathletes out there, at 25m long and 5m at its deepest, the sky pool is is not simply a whimsical architectural folly, It is a design for a proper pool which you can do proper training or even racing in. This exciting new architectural and engineering accomplishment is planned for development in South London. YV.

SKYLOCK – The smartest bike lock

As the warm weather moves in we can expect another year of increased bicycle sales and people experiencing the joys of peddle power for commuting, shopping, racing and recreation. Unfortunately, this increase in popularity has also created a surge in cycle theft. So, it’s good then that the trusty bike lock is getting a smart makeover. The team at SKYLOCK have squeezed smart and functional technology into the standard U-lock (or D-lock for some people). Integrating your smartphone allows optional keyless access, powered by a small solar panel, and antitheft alerts which are stimulated by a built-in accelerometer. The same accelerometer also knows if you have been in a crash and can coordinate with the emergency services via your phone to ensure you are looked after in such an event. They are not cheep but much less than we expected them to be. You can pre-order them now to save 35% which gets you the lock for just $159 (approximately £107). They also have a great promo video which can be found here.




To marry cool style with ultra visibility is a vastly difficult challenge. LUMO, a British based cycle clothing start-up is crowd funding through Kickstarter in order to achieve this initiative. Seemingly non bulky and lightweight, LUMO’s key feature is blinding LEDs that are hidden behind a layer of thin fabric, when not lit up. At rest, LUMO’s products are well styled and unassuming. On the bike, they tastefully light the rider for 400m! I highly recommend taking a peek at their full range on Facebook or going directly over to Kickstarter where you can see there campaign video here. Good luck to them!